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Real Estate Marketing Strategies for 2017

Posted by Ray Date: April 27, 2017

Building a career as a real estate agent is tough work. There are as many as two million agents operating in the US, and competition has never been higher in this lucrative field. With such a full playing field, the only way to succeed is by differentiating yourself from the other team. Try these real estate agent marketing tools to get your name out there and grow your business.

1. CRM for Real Estate

CRM is one of the key real estate tools to invest in and learn to maximize. CRM systems help you track and communicate with potential clients, and some versions can even automate email campaigns and content distribution as well. Investing in tech can not only keep you in closer contact with your leads, but will also save you time by taking often-repeated tasks off your plate.

2. Direct Mail

When brainstorming realtor marketing, direct mail marketing might initially sound like an outdated strategy. But, it’s never been cheaper or easier to reach your customers with direct mail pieces, bringing your message and brand right to their front door. If you are targeting an area with high turnover and are interested primarily in brand awareness, USPS has a service called Every Door Direct Mail that allows you to send a postcard to every home on a particular mail route, and there are a ton of awesome vendors that can help you with everything from design to execution.

3. Offer Potential Clients an All-In-One Experience

While RESPA violations are constantly top-of-mind with us all, there are some incredibly beneficial and compliant ways to work with other settlement service providers that will increase your marketability. Consider marketing ideas like splitting some co-branded print marketing with a lender you trust, or a title company that you know has excellent customer service. By directing your clients to stellar options for all their needs in the loan process, you’ll be ensuring they have an optimal experience and will be more likely to refer you in the future. Do be careful with this tactic and safeguard yourself against any potential compliance issues that may arise out of working with another SSP.

Amplifying your messaging as a realtor should be about one thing – service. The easiest path to a full pipeline is to make every client interaction one that produces good will and referral opportunities. First, work on your values and your customer service, and then invest in the marketing strategies that will amplify that message.

When to Use Real Estate Agent Commission Advances

Posted by Ray Date: April 27, 2017

One of the most significant challenges real estate agents have relates to managing their funds. After all, you cannot control the timing of when deals will close. Some deals, for example, may be delayed by several weeks over a seemingly small matter. You may need access to the real estate commission advance from the sale for personal reasons, such as to pay your mortgage. You may also need the funds to pay for marketing or other business overhead you are responsible for. Commission advance companies give you the incredible ability to access most or all of your commission weeks before the closing date for a fee through real estate agent commission advances. By learning more about how to effectively use these services, you can incorporate them into your business activities with great benefits.

Understanding the Cost of Services
One of the first factors to consider before you reach out to commission advance companies relates to the cost of services. The fee charged varies by company, you can generally expect to pay approximately eight to 12 percent of your commission in fees to an advance company. As you can see, this equates to a considerable amount of money. Some real estate agents will use commission advances on each deal they do, but the net results over the course of a year may be the loss of tens of thousands of dollars. With this in mind, real estate agent commission advances should be used sparingly and on an as-needed basis only.

Knowing When to Draw Commissions in Advance
The last thing you want is to pay your personal or business bills late, and there may be instances when you need a specific deal to close on time to pay your bills in a timely manner. After all, paying late fees and additional interest charges can cost a small fortune. Real estate agent commission advances can be used to help you make ends meet until a deal closes. They can also be used to help you keep your business running smoothly. For example, you need marketing to go out on a regular basis to keep a steady stream of calls and leads coming your way. It is not advisable to halt operations while you wait for a deal to close as this can impact your future ability to earn money. However, there may be other ways to pay for some of your expenses other than to use a commission advance. For example, if you only need access to a small amount of money, it may be more affordable to rely on a credit card and to pay the balance off in full once your deal closes.

A real estate agent commission advance can be highly beneficial in many instances, but there is a cost associated with an advance. With this in mind, they should only be used when a critical need for cash is present and when more affordable solutions are not available.

How the Services of an Estate Lawyer Can Protect Your Loved Ones

Posted by Ray Date: April 27, 2017

The thought of your mortality can be morbid and even terrifying to some people, but planning for the inevitable is important. When you pass away, your loved ones will be responsible for tending to your financial assets as well as your liabilities. The last thing you want is to leave them with a stressful headache or a legal and financial nightmare to contend with. The services of a skilled estate lawyer can help you to decrease the burden your death will create on your loved ones so that they can spend their time mourning your loss and trying to find a way to move forward after experiencing a devastating event.

Creating Your Will
One of the first steps an estate lawyer Toronto will take to help new clients get their affairs in order is to draft a will. A will can provide basic information about the transfer of your assets after your passing, but a will is not just for the elite and wealthy. If you have moderate assets to divvy up after your passing, the will provides instructions for handling this. It names an executor to tackle the task of handling your estate, and it also can provide instructions regarding the future care of your children. Your life insurance proceeds may provide for your children financially after your passing, but the will may dictate who is responsible for their care.

Assisting With Your Business Affairs
Many people own their own business or have at least a moderate interest in a company. Your estate lawyer can help you to handle business transactions that take place after your passing, such as the transfer of your ownership interest to a member of your family or to a business associate. Transfering business ownership can be a legal nightmare if provisions are not made during your living years, and this can be a burden on your partners as well as your family.

Transferring Your Assets
Some people will use estate legal services to transfer at least some of their assets to loved ones during their living years or to establish trusts. There are benefits associated to both of these options, but there are also legal and taxation issues to consider. Your estate lawyer can help you explore the options available for the transfer of your assets, and he or she can prepare the documents to bring your wishes to fruition.

Regardless of your current financial or parental status, you understandably have certain wishes and desires for your affairs after your passing. Your estate lawyer can listen to your wishes and can provide you with tailored recommendations to help you achieve your goals within the letter of the law. If you have not addressed the important matter of estate planning yet, now is a great time to get started.