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4 Benefits of Inbound Call Center Services

Posted by Ray Date: September 30, 2017

Customer service is one of every company’s primary concerns, but it is also time-consuming and, often, difficult to manage in-house. The key solution to this dilemma is to contract with an inbound call centre service to handle the most basic of customer inquiries and issues. Here are four ways your company can benefit from outsourcing its customer support.

1. Superior Customer Service Capability

No one likes phone trees. They are very impersonal and it can take forever to find the right option to match your inquiry. Companies are learning that this kind of impersonal approach is not a recipe for success in today’s market and are leaning more and more toward live, immediate support solutions. Virtual receptionists, in particular, can help route calls with a level of speed and efficiency that most automated systems lack.

2. Improved Onsite Workflow

Companies that switch to a live answering service find the change to be advantageous in areas of both customer support and workflow management. Not all customer issues need to be handled in-house. In fact, freeing up time in the local workplace can help expedite the processes that have the greatest impact on the customer experience.

3. Reduced Need For Onsite Management

If your company already has a manager heading every department, you know already how difficult it can be delegating managers’ time to specific tasks. When you opt to contract with a call answering service, most or all of the managerial tasks are performed offsite via call center. This gives your existing management team more breathing room and, in many cases, eliminates the need for an onsite customer service manager.

4. Reduced Wait Times

Nothing negates the notion that “your call is important to us” like hearing a recorded voice repeat that phrase fifty times while you wait endlessly on hold. This is especially true if the customer has a simple question or problem that could otherwise be addressed and resolved quickly. If your staff is spending an inordinate amount of time fielding calls, both your productivity and your customers’ confidence are most likely suffering.

Live call answering services provide an immediate solution, even if you only utilize them as a first contact to ensure the phone is answered quickly. The simple act of presenting the customer with a live, empathetic voice can derail some of the nastiest customer service issues before they have a chance to escalate.

Final Takeaway

Call center services can be among the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions for your business. Outsourcing part or all of your customer care services can help position you as a company that values its customers. It shows that you are committed to providing a superior level of service, and that each call truly is important to you. The Extend Communications website can provide you with additional resources.

Powerful IT Solutions by Microsoft Azure

Posted by Ray Date: September 27, 2017

As one of the leading cloud computing solutions in the world, Microsoft Azure appeals to businesses all over the world. Azure management is useful for dozens of niches, including retail, finances, marketing and health care. A lot of open source utilities are already integrated into this advanced suite that belongs to a global leader in software development.

Cloud Technology

A managed public cloud makes it easy for consumers to access information on products, services, concepts and other topics. Corporate websites need to be hosted on secure servers that store a lot of visual and text content, which must be updated on a regular basis. Integrated cloud services by Azure include many analytical tools that precisely measure the traffic flow into specific parts of corporate domains and portals.

The latest open source technologies can be used to boost the performance of enterprise websites that ultimately have commercial goals. Azure management solutions are perfect for merchants who want to set up secure online shops that appeal to a global market.

In order to implement successful e-commerce ventures, retailers need to utilize data centre management services that run on Python, Java and other complex programming languages. Only professional computer programmers have the skills to deploy such open source IT solutions.

Web Development

Microsoft Azure can be used to build custom websites for just about any niche on the World Wide Web. Developers are free to choose various types of programming languages to write the source code for the framework of web pages. For example, HTML5 is a markup language that is commonly used to define the appearance and layout of a given domain.

This syntax is typically managed by CSS3 documents that make it easy to edit commands in bulk. Azure IT solutions also fully support the PHP script that plays a key role in supporting the back end of any dynamic website. This open source language controls responsive features that are usually integrated into interactive menus.

For instance, PHP can be used to collect numerical and text data from online surveys and forms that are completed by website visitors. Find more online information and resources at the Carbon60 Networks website.

Other Resources

Instead of building domains from scratch, developers can take some easy shortcuts via templates that are included in the Azure platform. Drag-and-drop icons and widgets accelerate the entire development process of a website that has deep layers and a lot of content. In fact, Azure management solutions are fully compatible with some of the most popular open source systems on the web.

WordPress is a content management system that comes with an array of templates, which can be downloaded and customized for free. For a small fee, it’s possible to transform this CMS package into an e-commerce suite. The WooCommerce extension essentially transforms a blog into a profitable online store. Azure by Microsoft can also be synced with Drupal, Umbraco and Joomla.


4 Reasons You Need Commercial Litigation Services

Posted by Ray Date: September 12, 2017

When it comes to any legal dispute a company or commercial business may be facing, the final well-being and security of the business comes first. What can assist you to maintain the firm’s bottom line is hiring a commercial litigation lawyer. Although it might seem like an additional expense, its importance cannot be ignored. Such an attorney will help you to mitigate the cost and time of the lawsuit. If you choose to settle things on your own via mediations or negotiations, you might find yourself stuck with a lawsuit and wishing you just hired a professional in the first place.

Whether you are dealing with a corporate debt collection agency, a lawyer should help you save money and still get quality legal representation to suit your business needs. To accomplish this, it is important to work with a reliable and reputable lawyer or firm. Unreliable attorneys/ firms start taking unnecessary depositions and file unnecessary debt recovery claims among other tactics hence creating complex legal situations. Choose a lawyer who will focus on providing catered and customized legal counsel aimed at achieving time and cost-effective solutions.

You have many reasons to get an attorney when your company is facing litigation. Discussed below are some main reasons:

1. Time is money

A lawyer helps in making litigation go efficiently and smoothly. There is no need for you to waste more time on issues that can be handled by a professional while you do what you do best- running your business.

2. Get things done right from the beginning

When you face litigation (by another company or you intend to sue another entity for commercial purposes), you don’t want to back track just because you did not hire a lawyer at the very start. The sooner you get a lawyer and provide all the information needed to handle your case, the sooner you’ll get the much-needed assistance.

3. Focus on the company rather than legal problems

There is no need to worry each time you are having legal problems. Your company needs your 100% attention no matter what may be happening on the sidelines. A lawyer will make this burden lighter.

4. Preparedness makes a difference

Sometimes your commercial dispute may seem like it’ll be settled in court, but you can’t always count on this. It takes one unresolved problem before parties pursue litigation. When you have a lawyer preparing your business for trial from the beginning (in case it happens), you’ll feel secure because you are ready for the outcome. For more information, visit Elliot S. Birnboim and learn more from the available resources.

Seven Benefits of an Electronic Document Management System

Posted by Ray Date: September 4, 2017

Canadian business owners know the importance of keeping documents safe and secure. Document scanning services store business information into a digital format. In this post, you will learn seven benefits of using an electronic system for document management.

1. Easier to Find Specific Information
Every business needs quick access to important information. Sorting through file cabinets and stacks of papers takes a lot of time. Important deadlines are often missed due to an inefficient organizational system. It’s stressful for employees not to be able to obtain relevant documents. Many businesses utilize document scanning services using an electronic system. Electronic document scanning systems enables workers to search and find relevant information fast.

2. Ensures Documents are Consistently Formatted
There are times when a business needs to change document settings. One company update can send the entire day’s workload into a mess of miscommunication. You don’t to send out another email that writers may not immediately open. Writers don’t want to find out that the work they’ve done for the day needs total rewriting. A document management system provides immediate access to the latest company templates in an instant. Staff members can rest assured they are using the latest approved templates.

3. Assurance of Secure Backups
Many business owners feel that local backups are enough to keep documents safe. Unfortunately, one power surge or computer error likely means business documents are gone forever. If a business’s information is recovered from a broken computer, it’s likely not everything will be restored. Utilizing an electronic document management system ensures company information is safe and secure. Losing access to business information can cost a company everything, it’s imperative to use a safe storage system.

4. Enhanced Business Security
Sending important documents through email poses risks. You don’t want to worry about one employee accidentally compromising your business. In the event of an error, a business must provide accountability. Managing documents through an out of date system is risky. Older systems tend to feature weakened security. Every company knows that low security equals a higher risk of being hacked. Hacks cost companies around the world billions of dollars each year. Storing documents electronically helps to ensure documents are safely stored and out of the hands of hackers.

5. Fast Document Storage
In many cases, paper documents need to go through different departments. Every business owner knows that company matters are of the utmost importance. An electronic document management system stores information into a database in a fast manner. Employees can access information through this database without waiting on other departments to file documents. Faster document storage times helps all employees work in a more efficient manner. Storing documents electronically reduces time employees spend using less efficient storage methods. If you would like to learn more, the CASNET website is a helpful source for information.

6. Great Method for Increasing Collaborative Efforts
Many businesses must provide reports to stakeholders and outside collaborators. An inefficient storage system often creates bottlenecks that slows down gathering of information. Managing files electronically helps to ensure all parties have access to the same information. Having documents in an easy to use electronic system is much easier than fumbling through stacks of papers.

7. Potential Cost Savings
Storing large amounts of paper is costs money and takes up space. Every business wants to cut costs wherever possible. It’s wise to utilize an electronic document storage service for your business. Storing documents electronic reduces clutter from excess paper storage.

In summary, there are several benefits to storing documents electronically. Out of date storage methods can lead to lost information and the threat of hacks. Electronic document storage provides an easy and secure method of storing business information.