Hiring painters to help with your upcoming residential painting project is a smart idea. A professional painting company can help you to achieve the transformative look you desire in your home through the use of different painting techniques. They can also complete the project faster while protecting your home from damage in the process. While there may be several skilled Muskoka painters in your area who are eager to begin working on your residential painting project, they may differ drastically in the area of cost. It is wise to compare quotes from different companies, and you can make a quick and easy comparison when you focus your attention on these aspects of the quotes.

The Number of Man-Hours
There are two main components of a painting project quote, and these are the cost of labor and the cost of materials. The labor cost will be determined by the number of man-hours worked as well as the hourly labor rate. Therefore, first focus on how long the company is estimating the project will take to complete. In some cases, the hourly labor rate is itemized for you. In other cases, you may need to calculate the hourly rate on your own. By taking this step, you can determine if their number of hours projected is reasonable and if their hourly rate is in line with the competition.

The Amount and Quality of Paint and Supplies
Some companies will charge you for paint and supplies at cost, but others will add a surcharge onto the paint and supplies. Many will detail which type of paint they plan to use as well as how much in their quote, and you can easily search for the actual price of paint and supplies online to determine if a surcharge is being added to the quote. You may be able to get around paying a surcharge by offering to purchase the paint and supplies yourself.

The Fine Print
The supplies and the labor are the two main factors to review when comparing quotes, and these two factors can give you a better idea about which company has the best overall deal for your painting project. However, do not overlook the fine print in a work order or contract. Some companies have complicated fine print that is difficult to understand, and working with a company such as this should be avoided. Others have fine print that leaves them room to charge an additional fee after the work has been completed, and working with this type of company should also be avoided. Ideally, fine print will cover topics like a guaranty, a warranty or customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right painting company to hire is rarely simple and easy to do. You may need to read consumer reviews, check references and obtain quotes before you make a final decision. As you compare quotes, focus on these individual factors rather than the bottom line cost to find the best company to hire for your project.