6 Best Asian Countries to Visit for the First Time

From mega cities, to remote islands, Asia has so much land, water and beauty to offer tourists. Visiting the east will open your eyes to new experiences that you just can’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re interested in ancient history, adventure, lounging by some of the most beautiful beaches, or city gazing, you’ll be able to explore it all with a trip to some of the best Asian countries.

We could go on for days about how magnificent these Asian countries (and many more) are. To truly know the beauty of which we are speaking, you need to plan a trip and hop on a plane to see for yourself! In the following blog post, we’ll highlight six of the best Asian countries to visit. You can bet if you choose to vacation to any of these spots, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Hong Kong

We kick off our list with a must-see Asian country: Hong Kong. You just can’t find beauty like this majestic country anywhere else. If you love big cities, Hong Kong offers up a stunning cityscape, with its modern skyline, and a vibrant, cultural feel. It also hosts a number of urban attractions like a tour of Hong Kong island and Peak Tram, visiting Lantau Island and Giant Buddha, and much more.

Hong Kong is one of the best spots to shop in Asia, with some amazing deals on all kinds of goods. The territory is also bustling with aromatic street markets and culinary hot spots. Hong Kong also boasts many luxurious beaches for the traveller looking for some relaxation. It really is the best of both worlds!

2. Laos

Laos is home to many Asian temples, so if checking out ancient history is your list, this country is a must. There are temples amid all kinds of terrain like waterfalls, up mountains, in caves, and even in the middle of downtown. Talk about a sight to see!

Make sure you have your camera ready to capture the distinctive Lao architecture of wats and stupas. Don’t forget to stop at The Great Stupa, an enormous, golden temple, which is also a national symbol of Laos. If you’re looking for cultural diversity, Luang Namtha Province, Laos, is the most ethnically diverse area in Southeast Asia. Its mountains are home to over 20 minority groups, each with their own customs!

3. South Korea

With a rich culture, fabulous food, and history, you need to visit South Korea at least once in your lifetime. Due to the natural isolation of the Korean Peninsula, the country’s culture hasn’t changed as much as in other regions. Even today, you can see the significant cultural heritage sites of the country, like Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main palace situated in Seoul.

In contrast to its cultural heritage, South Korea is a leader in creating new and innovative structures, like the futuristic buildings you’ll find in Seoul. South Korea is also a hot spot for food, festivals and quiet countryside.

4. Singapore

The island of Singapore offers up exquisite beauty. Singapore is home to both futuristic condos, as well as colonial-era buildings. Singapore is known for Orchid Row: a shop-a-holic’s dream. There are almost two dozen malls lining a space of two kilometres!

Here you’ll find various designer goods, as well as other merchandise. A bonus is that these malls are all connected by an underground tunnel network! There are also many outdoor activities like gardens and the famous Singapore zoo to discover.

5. Thailand

Thailand is one of the best Asian countries to visit if you love food. There are so many different Thai dishes, that tourists can spend their whole vacation in Thailand and never eat the same food twice. Since travel is cheaper in Thailand than most other Asian countries, if you’re just starting out with your Asian travels, this is a great country to start with.

There are so many different, inexpensive ways to get around. Thailand also boasts beautiful, picturesque beaches, bustling nightlife, temples, festivals, and much more.

6. Japan

Japan is a beautiful mix of modern cities, history and culture. Japan is a world leader in innovative technology and fashion, making it one of the best Asian countries to visit for the young and trendy. If you’re interested in tech gear or geeky hobbies, Akihabara is the area to visit to get your shopping on. This area has many shops, selling everything from toy models to the most modern digital gadgets.

Japan is also known for its most picturesque cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms are a popular tourist spot since you can take beautiful pictures with rows and rows of cherry blossoms in the background. Japan is home to magnificent temples and shrines, like the Sensoji Shrine, the oldest shrine in Tokyo. Japan offers up some good eats too like sushi, ramen, Japanese curry, and so much more.