6 Most Comfortable Positions to Watch TV in Bed

After a long, hard day at work, we aim to disconnect from our professional environments. This may come in the form of having a drink with friends, to hitting the gym to get a sweat going. At other times, you may just want to jump right onto your bed, and put on your favourite show.

Getting comfortable, is more than just simply lying down, however. Some bed positions may be counterintuitive, and may actually leave your body in much more awkwardness. This isn’t to say that you should stand up while watching TV. Instead, use some basic maneuvering and find a comfortable position to watch TV in bed.

Check out the six most comfortable positions to watch TV in bed:

1. Stretch before you get into bed

No, you don’t have to consider this a workout. In fact, this quick physical exercise can make your TV sessions much more comfortable. After standing up, do a few stretches to get your blood flow moving again. One of the best ones to employ is bending over frontwards, and reaching for your toes.

Or, you may also want to try stretching your arms upwards as high as you possibly can. Repeat these two stretches as you see fit, before hunkering down in your bed. Your body will thank you, and you’ll actually remain more alert for a longer period of time. In this light, you will only amplify your favourite bedtime position’s comfortability!

When stretching, make sure your TV is placed at a reasonable height that aligns with your eye level. You don’t want the TV to be placed too high (or too low) that it strains your neck while doing the stretches. Ideally, you should use a flat screen TV stand so that your television is positioned at an optimal height. This allows you to do stretches and watch TV without causing any strain!

2. The Sphinx position

One of the most comfortable positions to watch TV in bed is by lying on your stomach. Colloquially known as the Sphinx position, this involves moving your neck upwards to face your screen. This can be incredibly comforting, especially if you had a long day.

One important fact to note is to be careful. You’ll always want to keep your neck as comfortable as possible. If you begin to feel a slight awkward tension, pause your show. Move your neck in a semicircle, in a back-and-forth direction. Naturally, you’ll be able to get back to your show in no time at all!

3. Bedframe support position

This is the classic position to implement while lying in bed. You simply position your body in a ninety-degree angle while on the mattress. Your legs should be extended, with your back supported by the bedframe. Then, you are good to go for a long period of Netflix binging!

As with most positions, it is key to move around every once in a while. In addition, you’ll want your screen to not be positioned too close or too far away. Experiment with where it should be placed, in order to find an amicable balance. If you are watching TV in a dim setting, consider your screen’s brightness levels as well.

4. Side placement position

Although this may feel awkward to some, lying on your side can be incredibly comfortable. If done correctly, you’ll feel immense levels of relaxation, which only amplifies your setting. If one side begins to feel a bit awkward, all you have to do is get up. Move around and stretch for a bit, before positioning yourself on the other side.

Make sure your neck can be properly supported, however. Keeping it bent while watching TV for too long can become difficult to maintain. If need be, you can also do some neck stretches while watching your favourite shows. Your eyes can still focus on the screen, while you conduct some quick physical therapy.

5. Pillow support position

Don’t let your body go unsupported while watching TV in bed! Many health experts have noted that using pillows can amplify your comfort levels while lying in bed. If you begin to feel a bit uncomfortable, place some pillows under your legs or behind your back. Use a pillow to rest your neck, so long as you can still maintain eye contact with your screen!

The key to watching TV while in bed is to not remain stationary all of the time. When one episode of your show ends, use the break to quickly move around. This helps tremendously, in preparing the body to lie in bed again. Once you develop this habit, your TV time will become much more comfortable all around!

6. Don’t stay in the same position for too long

It is important to lay some ground rules when discussing the comfortable positions to watch TV in bed. For starters, you shouldn’t be in a static position for long periods of time. This can go against your comfort levels, and leave you feeling uncomfortable while in bed. Your bed should be the last place to feel discomfort, so consider the following tips.

When you begin to feel some stiffness, stand up and move around for a few minutes. This helps to realign your body, so that it can get ready for lying down again. Although your bed may be a beacon for comfort, it Is key to always move around for a bit after long stretches of time.