7 Beginner Real Estate Agent Tips and Tricks

First of all, congratulations! Real estate is one of the most rewarding industries if you are determined enough. With the current population, most people have opted to purchase homes adequate for their families, while real estate investors saw that as a sure investment. That’s where real estate agents came in to serve as a link between the buyers and sellers. 

Professionals often refer to newbie real estate agents as ‘calves’ because of their shaky nature in the game. With some practice, you can turn into the ‘big cow’ in no time and earn yourself a long-lasting and fruitful career. However, the career can be challenging if you’re an amateur, although it gets better with some expert tips.

Here are the best beginner real estate agent tips:

Tip #1: Acquire a real estate agent license

Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t end at your first or second interview. After undertaking one or two courses related to real estate, you must get a real estate agent license. While the licensing procedure might seem quite a hassle, it’s the best decision you can make for your real estate career.

Requirements for acquiring a real estate agent license include;

  • Adhering to all legal requirements as per your state.
  • Performing excellently in a pre-licensing course.
  • Activating your newly acquired license.

Tip #2: Further your real estate career

Real estate agents have plenty of career opportunities to further their knowledge. Continuous knowledge expansion is essential if you intend for long life in the field. You can attend further real estate classes physically or online, get a few learning materials as you proceed with your job, and be open to in-job training opportunities from other agents.

Real estate involves specialties, skills, and tools you might not have learnt from your initial training but can grasp in additional classes with no time.

Tip #3: Get yourself a real estate mentor

Alongside the license and knowledge, a reliable mentor(s) significantly contributes to the growth of your real estate career, especially if you’re a newbie. Guidance and learning are endless in every field, even when you already have enough of what you require to become a real estate agent.

Your mentor should at least have been in the game longer than you and with excellent performance records. Real estate coaching can instill knowledge and ensure you’ve grasped all the essentials of real estate while you ask questions. Alternatively, you can join a brokerage that automatically offers their new real estate agents a mentor until you become confident on your own.

Tip #4: Invest in social platforms

You’re now a real estate agent, and you must advertise yourself. Wave goodbye to the traditional ways of walking around with loads of cards for everyone you meet, although it is still significant.

With the current technology, every industry has chosen to go digital, real estate included. Take advantage of social platforms to enhance your career by:

  • Creating automated email replies stating your proficiencies and willingness to meet new clients.
  • Possessing active social media platforms to market and respond to potential clients.
  • Setting up real estate agent profiles with trusted brands.

Tip #5: Have a real estate business plan

A business plan is required in all industries, so you also need one. It creates an effective growth strategy while determining your future financial requirements. Most clients would also be attracted to a real estate agent with a well-laid business plan.

As a beginner, you should at least keep your time frame within the next 60 or 90 days with a well-established marketing budget. You can also point out how you plan to meet and network with your potential clients.

Tip #6: Hire a professional photographer

Your potential clients will probably ask for one or two sample photos from your area of operation;” I don’t have them at the moment should never be an answer.” On the other hand, poor quality or outdated images are a massive turn-off to clients, especially in this era of quality cameras.

Therefore, you should hire a professional photographer to do the job after seeing a few images from their previous projects. Your social media picture listings must also be clear enough to satisfy your client’s eyes. Alternatively, you can purchase a high-quality camera and click them yourself. While getting images from other platforms seems like a good idea, it’s one of the most dangerous moves that could kill your real estate career.

Tip #7: Work with another real estate agent

Unity is strength! Becoming a professional real estate agent can be bumpy for you to navigate single-handedly. That’s why you should involve at least one or two other agents with whom you can support each other throughout the journey. Your partner(s) should be as business-minded as you, contributing to achieving your goals.

Additionally, you can find reliable business partners by attending real estate events, seminars, conferences, and trade fairs. You can point them out by how they interact with other realtors. Even so, when the deal is too good, think twice!