7 Benefits and Characteristics of Upscale Homes

Upscale homes are not just more expensive than standard homes. They also have unique characteristics distinguishing them from standard homes, which luxury home buyers are highly interested in.

Some people already live in upscale others, while others dream of buying one. It is also possible to work with luxury custom home builders to construct an upscale property. Here are seven common characteristics of upscale homes:

1. Impressive square footage

Although an upscale homes can be small, they are usually large homes which catch the eye of anyone who sees them.

An upscale home is generally at least 3,000 square feet large and can have up to 10,000 square feet of open floor plans, comfortable bedrooms, and unique amenities.

Upscale homes can be built in pretty much any architectural style, from classical to modern. Some can be found in big cities, while others are by the ocean, on a mountain, or in the countryside.

And, of course, upscale homes will always have a high price for their area.

2. High-end and sustainable materials

No matter their square footage, upscale homes are always made from premium materials and finishes and equipped with high-end furniture and appliances.

Nothing is too expensive for someone who wants to build an upscale custom home. Think about granite, marble, exotic hardwood, stone, ceramic tiles, Venetian plaster, and crystal, all crafted and installed by experts.

Upscale homeowners also want their homes to be made from sustainable materials and built in a way that allows them to preserve energy and reduce their environmental impact.

Upscale homes are beautiful, and they are built to last.

3. A spacious master bedroom

You can expect the master bedroom of an upscale home to be large and comfortable. They can have more than 400 square feet, so there is plenty of space for the largest bed you can imagine.

An upscale master bedroom often features a sitting area, a center table, a fireplace, and a large TV screen. The masters of the house can then spend time relaxing in their bedroom during the day instead of simply using it to sleep at night.

Of course, an upscale bedroom would not be complete without large walk-in closets featuring plenty of shelves.

4. A spa bathroom

An upscale bedroom suite often includes a spacious bathroom worthy of a spa resort. Features such as a whirlpool tub, a shower with multiple shower heads, a sauna, and heated flooring will entice upscale homeowners to spend much time pampering themselves.

Upscale bathrooms usually have large windows that let in natural light during the day. But of course, how these large windows are positioned allows the homeowners to preserve their privacy while enjoying a stunning view.

Imagine soaking in the tub while staring at the ocean, for example.

5. Special rooms

For some luxury home buyers, special-use rooms are one of the most exciting characteristics of upscale homes. Of course, it’s not uncommon to find a home bar or an indoor pool in a luxury home.

But it can go much further than that. Upscale homeowners can get any type of room: special-use rooms meant to entertain their friends and family or private rooms where they can work out, relax, or explore their creativity.

Some examples of upscale special rooms include:

  • Home theatre
  • Game room
  • Bowling alley
  • Formal dining room
  • Guest suites
  • Wine cellar
  • Private gym
  • Home Library
  • Art and craft room
  • Music Studio
  • Home offices

Of course, these special rooms tend to be spacious, and they are built with quality materials and equipped with high-end furniture.

6. The smartest technology

Not all upscale homeowners want their homes to be equipped with smart technology. But the possibilities are endless for those interested in a smart home.

With just a touch of their smartphone’s screen, they can control their home’s door locks, indoor and outdoor lighting, surveillance system, window treatments, and heating and cooling system.

Smart technologies allow them to preserve energy by automatically scheduling their lights to turn on and off according to their schedule and heating or cooling individual home rooms.

7. A gorgeous landscape

Another characteristic of upscale homes is that they are generally located in a unique setting and surrounded by a gorgeous landscape.

An upscale home’s architectural design should always consider its surroundings, so the home will be nestled in its landscaping instead of completely standing out.

After all, even the most luxurious upscale home will look odd and out of place if it contrasts with its landscaping. Upscale home designers must harmonize a house’s interior, architecture, and surroundings to create a lasting impression.