8 Store Display Ideas to Attract Shopping Mall Customers

Creating appealing visual merchandise displays will get shopping mall customers into your store and help you make a sale. Visual merchandising is “anything that can be seen by the customer inside and outside a store, with the overall purpose of getting customers into the store.”

Visual merchandising is now more important than ever with the rise in popularity of online shopping. Retailers really need something to hook potential customers visiting the Burlington shopping mall. Once they’re in the store, great store displays will help you make a sale.

Here are eight store display ideas that will attract shopping mall customers:

Encourage Touch

Do you ever see something you like in a store and just want to touch it, but in the back of your mind you can still hear your parents saying, “Don’t touch it!”? Yup, that happens to all of us. But with visual displays, you can finally encourage your customers to actually touch it!

To do this, take the product out of its packaging and lay it out. Customers will automatically be drawn to the item and will get to connect with it on a different level. Sound familiar? IKEA is particularly good at doing this.

Educate People About Your Products

Is your product sourced from quality ingredients from far away lands? Do your products have a unique story? You can share these details with your customers by having a display with wording on it that describes whatever you’re looking to tell customers.

If you’re looking to explain particular products, you can also use a display panel at the top of your display that has a picture of the product and then some words below describing it. There is so much you can do here.

Turn Your Products into Art

This is a fun one! We’re sure you’ve seen it in other stores. It’s also sure to leave a lasting impression with your customers. Take one of the items that you sell and see if you can make a big display out of it. Position it so people can see it from the street, thus encouraging them to come inside.

Let your creative side out. You may come up with store display ideas that yield something really great. Customers will be drawn to it and may even snap a few pictures to share on their favourite social media channels.

Use Flowers & Plants

Who doesn’t love flowers and plants? No matter what the season is, greenery always adds a pop of colour and life to a display and makes it that much better. Flowers have been found to make people feel relaxed, comfortable, and natural. This could work in your favour by giving you happy customers to work with.

Use Technology

You can use technology to educate people about your products or have a small tablet on a stand so customers can sign-up to your newsletter to receive a special offer. You can also use large TVs to highlight sales and events. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using technology in retail.

Be Witty

What we mean by this, is to try and incorporate witty sayings and quotes that have something to do with the merchandise you’re selling into your displays. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you can incorporate a saying like “Keep your heels, head, and standards high” behind a display of high heels.

This store display idea will let customers see your creative side and may also encourage them to snap a picture for their Instagram or Snapchat accounts. The more visually appealing your store is, the higher the chance it may end up on social media (in a positive way of course!).

Guide Customers Around

Does this one sound familiar? IKEA does a great job of guiding their customers through their stores with big arrows on the ground and plenty of signage. By knowing the route your potential customer is taking through the store, you can make sure to have your sale items on display, new products and essentially anything else you want to make sure your customers see.

It has been working well for IKEA, so why not give it a try? It will also be less frustrating for your customers as they’ll know where everything is.

Create an Immersive Shopping Experience

Creating an immersive experience for your customers is something they won’t soon forget. You can do this by creating a theme throughout your store, making sure all areas of the store are in line with the experience you are trying to create.  Are you trying to promote summer clothes?

Create an immersive experience around a hammock, barbeque, and some other seasonal items, then add in a few racks of clothing and now customers can picture themselves in the outdoors wearing your brand’s clothing. These store display ideas will definitely bring some fun – and we hope customers – into your store!