A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Auto CAD

AutoComputer-Aided Design, popularly abbreviated as AutoCAD, is a commercial and drafting software application developed and marketed by Autodesk, a software company. First released in December 1982, this application has proven beneficial in making dimensional drawings, 3D modelling, and much more. Many people are considering learning AutoCAD but don’t know how to go about it.

Learning AutoCAD might feel a bit challenging in the beginning. However, once you start, everything starts to follow suit, and you will be done in no time. The only way to learn about the application is by dedicating enough time to the course and finding the ideal learning method.

There are various ways one can equip themselves with AutoCAD knowledge and skills. Here is a guide to help you learn AutoCAD, its benefits, and other details.

How to Start Learning CAD

Before venturing into AutoCAD, one should have a few basic skills, especially if you’re a beginner. Firstly, basic computer skills would make the process more straightforward and less stressful. Additionally, before starting the course, you should boast a slight knowledge concerning the software, including its features.

Resources and learning materials such as books, video courses, and others would be an added advantage to the learner. Other requirements for learning AutoCAD include a positive outlook towards the course, a willingness to practice it continuously, and a shallow knowledge of designing and drafting fundamentals.

If the material is too complex, don’t fret. You can rely on 3D CAD design services to help you get started.

In-person classes

The first and one of the most effective ways of learning AutoCAD is through registering and attending a physical class. Such courses introduce you to the program from the beginning, offering more personalized and comprehensive ideas.

The course can be undertaken in colleges, universities, or institutions focused on software education and development. Whichever institution you choose, ensure it’s registered and certified to offer AutoCAD and related courses before paying.

Online courses

Online AutoCAD courses function nearly similarly to the physical ones, only that they are undertaken through online programs. The good thing with this method is that learners are saved from transportation costs and body fatigue due to constant movement to school.

Online AutoCAD courses mean you will acquire all the skills online and maybe attend a physical practical once or twice during the course period. Still, ensure you register for your online course from a recognized institution to secure an official certification after the study.

YouTube tutorials

YouTube has become a popular learning program as learners can acquire plenty of information regarding different subjects, including AutoCAD. To obtain details from this desktop, android, or iOS-friendly application, one only needs a stable WiFi or data connection to browse through different videos.

Interested learners should type AutoCAD on the search bar, and a wide range of related videos will appear. Some videos are organized as a playlist, allowing creators to develop a detailed tutorial on every chapter. Even better, learners can create personal complications of videos that appear essential for further learning and reference.

AutoCAD textbooks

Another ideal way of equipping oneself with AutoCAD skills and knowledge is by reading related textbooks from different authors. These textbooks offer detailed course information from the introduction to the end, accompanied by well-drawn illustrations and trial questions.

The books are also written by AutoCAD professionals with top-notch qualifications and experience in the industry. AutoCAD textbooks will offer more than YouTube tutorials, but it’s advisable to reinforce them with other methods.

In-job training

Did you know that you can learn AutoCAD while working in different industries? AutoCAD is a widely-recognized program that transfers knowledge to its employees even if their position doesn’t handle it. The employer may take a small percentage of your salary as compensation for the training or offer it as part of your in-job training.

As you continue to work for the company, you will acquire adequate AutoCAD skills and expertise and even practice it differently. Adding AutoCAD skills to your resume is an advantage when pursuing further professions.

Benefits of Learning AutoCAD

AutoCAD boasts plenty of benefits to learners and the market in general, including:

Better productivity

AutoCAD ensures a smoother running of design and related processes enabling engineers and designers to create and modify more efficiently. The tools can also manage repetitive tasks through automation hence higher production.

More accuracy

Drawings and designs performed through AutoCAD are more accurate and of good quality. This is because designers and engineers can work with the exact dimensions and measurements without errors.

High compatibility

AutoCAD is highly compatible with other software applications, making handling files of different formats easier. The idea also makes it easier for various professionals to collaborate even when they aren’t working on the same thing.

Broad adoption in industries

Learning AutoCAD doesn’t go unrewarded since the software has been comprehensively adopted in various industries for years. Therefore, learners can be assured employment in different sectors after acquiring AutoCAD skills.

Another benefit of AutoCAD is its plenty of learning resources, as discussed above, making it easier for students to choose their best. The software application also saves time and money to produce 3D and 2D drawings.