Security systems for homes and businesses are designed to alert you and authorities of a break-in or another type of property crime immediately. They give occupants inside the property the ability to prepare for an intruder to appear, and they give authorities a head start to begin traveling in your direction. These extra seconds can be critical to enjoying a better outcome. As beneficial as security systems can be, there are good reasons why you need to invest in a system with video surveillance capabilities.
surveillance sign
1. The Ability to Deter Crimes
All residential and business security alarm systems can potentially deter crimes. They may notice signs of a system before it goes off, or the alarm may scare them away. However, criminals may be able to more easily spot video surveillance systems, and this may make them less likely to target that specific property. Most video surveillance cameras as in very obvious areas and are easily seen by anyone who approaches the exterior or who enters the building.
2. The Ability to Identify Criminals
A video surveillance system generally records images from the property for viewing at a later date. In the event that there is a crime on the property, criminals can potentially be identified later by law enforcement officials. This footage may even be used to prosecute the guilty party. Criminals typically know this, and this is one of the primary reasons why they steer clear of properties that have video surveillance cameras installed.

3. The Possibility of a Property Insurance Discount
Some property insurance companies offer a discount if you have a residential or business security system. This discount may apply for any type of system that you have as long as it is monitored. Other discounts, however, are only available if your system has video surveillance capabilities. In this way, investing in a video surveillance system may help you to save money on your regular expenses.



4. The Option to View Your Property Remotely
With video surveillance systems, you can watch all activities on your property in real time if you buy a system that has remote viewing capabilities. This means that you can view your employees’ actions, how busy your venue is with customer activity and more. In a personal residence, remote viewing capabilities can be used to monitor landscaping staff, a babysitter and others. While video capabilities are most closely associated with security, you can see that they have other realistic benefits as well.

While you could invest in security systems without video functions, there are legitimate benefits associated with accessing and using video footage. As you compare the options available for your property, weigh the benefits associated with this type of system carefully. Visit Spotter Security to learn more.