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Four Reasons Why Your Security System Needs Video Capabilities

Posted by Ray Date: January 30, 2018

Security systems for homes and businesses are designed to alert you and authorities of a break-in or another type of property crime immediately. They give occupants inside the property the ability to prepare for an intruder to appear, and they give authorities a head start to begin traveling in your direction. These extra seconds can be critical to enjoying a better outcome. As beneficial as security systems can be, there are good reasons why you need to invest in a system with video surveillance capabilities.
surveillance sign
1. The Ability to Deter Crimes
All residential and business security alarm systems can potentially deter crimes. They may notice signs of a system before it goes off, or the alarm may scare them away. However, criminals may be able to more easily spot video surveillance systems, and this may make them less likely to target that specific property. Most video surveillance cameras as in very obvious areas and are easily seen by anyone who approaches the exterior or who enters the building.
2. The Ability to Identify Criminals
A video surveillance system generally records images from the property for viewing at a later date. In the event that there is a crime on the property, criminals can potentially be identified later by law enforcement officials. This footage may even be used to prosecute the guilty party. Criminals typically know this, and this is one of the primary reasons why they steer clear of properties that have video surveillance cameras installed.

3. The Possibility of a Property Insurance Discount
Some property insurance companies offer a discount if you have a residential or business security system. This discount may apply for any type of system that you have as long as it is monitored. Other discounts, however, are only available if your system has video surveillance capabilities. In this way, investing in a video surveillance system may help you to save money on your regular expenses.



4. The Option to View Your Property Remotely
With video surveillance systems, you can watch all activities on your property in real time if you buy a system that has remote viewing capabilities. This means that you can view your employees’ actions, how busy your venue is with customer activity and more. In a personal residence, remote viewing capabilities can be used to monitor landscaping staff, a babysitter and others. While video capabilities are most closely associated with security, you can see that they have other realistic benefits as well.

While you could invest in security systems without video functions, there are legitimate benefits associated with accessing and using video footage. As you compare the options available for your property, weigh the benefits associated with this type of system carefully. Visit Spotter Security to learn more.

Four Financial Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Posted by Ray Date: November 3, 2017

When it comes to adopting new technology, it is difficult for many business owners to determine where they can cut costs. They often feel as if their companies will not be competitive unless they have the latest tools and gadgets. With secure hybrid cloud computing services, you can save quite a bit of money while improving your company’s efficiency and workflow. Here are just four of the financial benefits you might enjoy after migrating to cloud computing technology.

1. Lower Operating Costs

The technology that resides in your office could be costing you more than you realize. While it might not seem like much when compared to your other expenses, keeping your on-site servers powered up and well-maintained can costs thousands a year. Making the transition to hybrid cloud hosting services will allow you to cut back on your annual expenses. Within just a few months, the money that you save on your office’s utility bills could potentially pay for your server space. For more information, you will be able to gain a better understanding from the Carbon60 Networks website.

2. Cloud Computing Companies Maximize Their Hardware

Any unused hardware that you have in your office is money that you could have spent somewhere else. A managed hosting company is able to sell off their space to a number of different clients, and that means most of their hardware is being used at all times. By maximizing the potential of their hardware, they are able to pass on the savings to you. This is similar to buying office supplies in bulk so that they can be resold at lower prices.

3. No Need to Create Redundant Systems

Businesses that are storing all of their own sensitive data must have multiple systems in place to protect that information. If a customer’s information is stolen or the files on their Drupal sites are corrupted, it will bring their company to an immediate standstill. Instead of buying multiple redundant systems, you should consider web hosting services that have built-in malware and DDoS protection. Being forced to invest in multiple systems could triple your startup costs when you are trying to get your company off the ground.

4. Lower Your People Costs

In order to keep your on-site servers running smoothly, you will need to spend quite a bit of money to hire an in-house team. Even enlisting the help of freelancers to work on issues such as developing an IT disaster recovery program can be quite expensive. What seemed like a good investment will most likely end up eating into your company’s profits. Once you move to the cloud, some of the money that you pay for those services will go to a dedicated IT department that you do not have to personally hire and manage.

Powerful IT Solutions by Microsoft Azure

Posted by Ray Date: September 27, 2017

As one of the leading cloud computing solutions in the world, Microsoft Azure appeals to businesses all over the world. Azure management is useful for dozens of niches, including retail, finances, marketing and health care. A lot of open source utilities are already integrated into this advanced suite that belongs to a global leader in software development.

Cloud Technology

A managed public cloud makes it easy for consumers to access information on products, services, concepts and other topics. Corporate websites need to be hosted on secure servers that store a lot of visual and text content, which must be updated on a regular basis. Integrated cloud services by Azure include many analytical tools that precisely measure the traffic flow into specific parts of corporate domains and portals.

The latest open source technologies can be used to boost the performance of enterprise websites that ultimately have commercial goals. Azure management solutions are perfect for merchants who want to set up secure online shops that appeal to a global market.

In order to implement successful e-commerce ventures, retailers need to utilize data centre management services that run on Python, Java and other complex programming languages. Only professional computer programmers have the skills to deploy such open source IT solutions.

Web Development

Microsoft Azure can be used to build custom websites for just about any niche on the World Wide Web. Developers are free to choose various types of programming languages to write the source code for the framework of web pages. For example, HTML5 is a markup language that is commonly used to define the appearance and layout of a given domain.

This syntax is typically managed by CSS3 documents that make it easy to edit commands in bulk. Azure IT solutions also fully support the PHP script that plays a key role in supporting the back end of any dynamic website. This open source language controls responsive features that are usually integrated into interactive menus.

For instance, PHP can be used to collect numerical and text data from online surveys and forms that are completed by website visitors. Find more online information and resources at the Carbon60 Networks website.

Other Resources

Instead of building domains from scratch, developers can take some easy shortcuts via templates that are included in the Azure platform. Drag-and-drop icons and widgets accelerate the entire development process of a website that has deep layers and a lot of content. In fact, Azure management solutions are fully compatible with some of the most popular open source systems on the web.

WordPress is a content management system that comes with an array of templates, which can be downloaded and customized for free. For a small fee, it’s possible to transform this CMS package into an e-commerce suite. The WooCommerce extension essentially transforms a blog into a profitable online store. Azure by Microsoft can also be synced with Drupal, Umbraco and Joomla.


Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Real Estate CRM Software?

Posted by Ray Date: January 17, 2017


A real estate contact management software program is an exceptional tool to invest in, and you may have been using your program for months or even years in an effort to simplify and improve your professional practices. However, the reality is that many skilled real estate agents are not using their real estate CRM program as effectively as they could be. By employing a few key strategies with your real estate CRM, you may be able to take its use to the next level to enjoy considerable benefits.




Inputting New Contacts and Leads

Your real estate contact management program will simply not be as effective as it could be if you fail to input all new contacts and leads into it. Consider every contact you have with new clients. Are you adding every potential lead possible to your CRM? This may include online and email leads, those who you meet at open houses, referrals and more. When you add all new contacts and leads to your CRM as soon as possible, you can more effectively market your services to them.



Adding Client Needs and Preferences

The best real estate CRM software program allows you to input a wide range of details about each client. For example, you can add details about the area they prefer to live, how many bedrooms and bathrooms they need, what their price point is and more. You can then use these details later to create segmented, targeted marketing campaigns that are focused specifically on their needs. Without inputting these critical details in your program, however, you are unable to fully take advantage of this feature. While it does take extra time to complete this step, your effort can be well-rewarded.



Automating Marketing Efforts

Most modern CRM programs designed for real estate agent use offer automated marketing solutions, here is an article for benefits of CRM software. For example, they may allow you to set up a series of email blasts to be sent out to segments of your target audience. By automating this effort, you ensure that your audience is hit in a timely manner, and you avoid delays in marketing because your own schedule got busy.

A real estate contact management software program like IXACT Contact, is an exceptional tool for you to use in your daily efforts. However, it is only as effective as you make it through your daily interaction with the program. It is not enough to simply use the program sparingly. If you want to enjoy the best overall results from your CRM, consider how you are using your program currently in these ways. By making some changes to how you use your program, you can more effectively improve your results.