As one of the leading cloud computing solutions in the world, Microsoft Azure appeals to businesses all over the world. Azure management is useful for dozens of niches, including retail, finances, marketing and health care. A lot of open source utilities are already integrated into this advanced suite that belongs to a global leader in software development.

Cloud Technology

A managed public cloud makes it easy for consumers to access information on products, services, concepts and other topics. Corporate websites need to be hosted on secure servers that store a lot of visual and text content, which must be updated on a regular basis. Integrated cloud services by Azure include many analytical tools that precisely measure the traffic flow into specific parts of corporate domains and portals.

The latest open source technologies can be used to boost the performance of enterprise websites that ultimately have commercial goals. Azure management solutions are perfect for merchants who want to set up secure online shops that appeal to a global market.

In order to implement successful e-commerce ventures, retailers need to utilize data centre management services that run on Python, Java and other complex programming languages. Only professional computer programmers have the skills to deploy such open source IT solutions.

Web Development

Microsoft Azure can be used to build custom websites for just about any niche on the World Wide Web. Developers are free to choose various types of programming languages to write the source code for the framework of web pages. For example, HTML5 is a markup language that is commonly used to define the appearance and layout of a given domain.

This syntax is typically managed by CSS3 documents that make it easy to edit commands in bulk. Azure IT solutions also fully support the PHP script that plays a key role in supporting the back end of any dynamic website. This open source language controls responsive features that are usually integrated into interactive menus.

For instance, PHP can be used to collect numerical and text data from online surveys and forms that are completed by website visitors. Find more online information and resources at the Carbon60 Networks website.

Other Resources

Instead of building domains from scratch, developers can take some easy shortcuts via templates that are included in the Azure platform. Drag-and-drop icons and widgets accelerate the entire development process of a website that has deep layers and a lot of content. In fact, Azure management solutions are fully compatible with some of the most popular open source systems on the web.

WordPress is a content management system that comes with an array of templates, which can be downloaded and customized for free. For a small fee, it’s possible to transform this CMS package into an e-commerce suite. The WooCommerce extension essentially transforms a blog into a profitable online store. Azure by Microsoft can also be synced with Drupal, Umbraco and Joomla.