In recent years, recycling has become a goldmine, which has, as a result, led to an increase in the demand for recycling equipment. The recycling industry has slowly but steadily gained popularity among consumers, especially as the environmental consciousness is taking its root across the world. Many countries are now, more than ever, strict in waste management and are encouraging consumers to dispose of papers, plastics, and glasses for recycling. In fact, Germany has recycling machines that pay 0.1 dollars for every plastic bottle placed for recycling. However, in order for a company to operate effectively, specialized recycling equipment such as a trash compactor is needed.

Below is some of the top commercial recycling equipment that your company should consider owning:

  1. Shredders and chippers

These equipment are used in the compacting process of waste materials. As the name suggests, they are simply used to shred materials before compacting them. Chippers are mostly used to recycle organic products while shredders have various types and specifications for electronic wastes and papers. It is necessary for a company to have such equipment in order to handle the input of materials while maximizing the output of reusable resources.

  1. Bag openers

This equipment serves exactly as the name suggests. It has the capability to open any bag effectively and might sometimes even open a bag within a bag with an accuracy rate of up to 98 percent. Further, it leaves these bags open and intact for further processing. This equipment is necessary for recycling companies, especially if it’s being used for commercial purposes, to ensure bags are opened up to remove any contents before processing.

  1. Conveyor belts

This is perhaps one of the most used types of machinery. It is essential in most processing or manufacturing companies and recycling plants are no exception. There are several conveyor belt options such as cost-effective multi-purpose rubber belt conveyors, steel belt conveyors- used for heavy machinery, moving floor conveyors, and circulation belt conveyors. In order to move recycling materials from one machinery to the other, a company needs to have conveyor belts.

  1. Industrial trash compactor

As the name suggests, industrial trash compactors are simply used to compact trash. They are designed to handle high volume dry and wet materials as well as heavy materials such as crates and skids, packaging material, and scrap process material. The machinery is installed in recycling companies, institutional facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, transfer stations, and high volume retail outlets. They are recommended for installation requiring one pull or more per day. In order for a recycling company to maximize its output, it needs to have a trash compactor.

5. Balling presses

Handling paper and small plastics can be a daunting task. However, with this machinery, both wet and dry products can be bale pressed into maneuverable products. Press methodology guarantees speed and efficiency, which is quite reliable depending on the type of material. For a recycling company to function at its top-notch performance it needs to have a balling presser to ensure reliability, speed, and efficiency are kept.