What Happens After a DUI Accident?

As the age-old adage goes, you should never drink and then get behind the wheel. While the consequences for such an action are known, the damages can vary. No matter how intoxicated you may be, the repercussions of your actions can cause severe harm. Worst yet, you may end up getting into legal issues.

If a police officer catches you behind the wheel of your vehicle with alcohol in your system, a DUI is all but guaranteed. At this point, one of several things may occur to you, depending on the situation. The most important tip to remember is staying calm. Don’t panic, don’t lose your cool, and don’t forget your composure after a DUI accident.

Let’s learn about what happens after a DUI accident:

Questioning after DUI

Before the DUI occurs, officers may ask you about your feelings. If you happen to be stationary within your vehicle, you are still not out of the woods yet. Should an officer suspect that you plan on driving, they can still charge you with a DUI. First, they will ask you some key questions.

The officers who engage with you will first want to determine how sober you are. If the conversation devolves, they will generally test you through various means. This can come in the form of walking in a straight line or through taking a breathalyzer test. Be ready to engage with any, even if you have a little bit of alcohol in your system.

Criminal Record After DUI

Getting a DUI charge is one of the biggest issues to navigate, well after the legal proceedings have been finished. That is because you could receive a criminal record, making your life a lot more difficult than intended. Criminal records may be requested for major engagements, such as job applications or renting an apartment. If you believe the legal consequences are disproportionate to what happened, consult a criminal lawyer for their professional advice.

Fines After DUI

When getting a DUI charge, one of several actions will occur. One of the most obvious consequences of this action is receiving a monetary fine. Depending on the severity of the DUI, you could receive a minimal amount of money to pay back. However, this is usually not the case.

Since a DUI charge is one of the worst charges to get when being arrested, the fine itself can be rather hefty. You should expect to pay a lot of money, even if you were not planning on operating the vehicle for a long distance. Remember, you put yourself and others at risk, no matter how sober you believe you are.

License Suspension After DUI

Driving simply cannot be done legally without the right license. As a result, it should be seen as a privilege to operate on the road. If you happen to get charged with a DUI, you can expect to lose that privilege outright. DUI charges generally involve the suspension of one’s license for an excessive amount of time.

The amount of time for this suspension to last will ultimately depend on how severe the charge was. If you live in Canada, different provinces may have different, or similar, legal guidelines that detail this area. First-time charges will include severe periods for the suspension to deter the action from happening again.

Interlock Program After DUI

DUI charges will most of the time involve participating in various programs, well after the charge has been laid. If you happen to get through the suspension of your license, you are not free of the consequences just yet. That is because you will usually have to undergo an ignition interlock program.

For those convicted of the DUI charge for the first time, this process can be rather longwinded. In essence, you will have to blow into a device to prove that you are sober to drive your vehicle. If you are not, the device on your car will not unlock, preventing you from operating it outright.

Educational Programs After DUI

Another key aspect of DUI charges involves going through an actual educational workshop of some kind. In these types of programs, an individual who got charged must learn of the consequences of drinking and driving. Normally, it can be seen as an enlightening process, as you may be paired with others of a similar background.

Higher Insurance After DUI

Auto insurance is already high as is. If you happen to get charged with a DUI, you should expect to see your insurance rate rise exponentially. Insurance companies do not take lightly that they are associated with drivers with this type of charge. It is simply not worth it if you plan on driving a vehicle once again. So, even if you have taken a small sip of alcohol, always be sure to have a backup plan when it comes to getting home safely!