5 Best Male Masturbation Ideas for Guys

Masturbating is a normal, natural activity that most people do in life and for men, it is a fairly easy task. Whether you are in a relationship or not, men use masturbation to express their sexuality without the requirement to please anyone else and without judgment. It is a self-indulgent act that is healthy.

Your arm is the perfect length for your hand to grab hold of your penis, and within a few minutes, you can ejaculate and get that sexual release you are looking for. While this may seem like all that’s needed, it can become a little mundane, and you may not get the most fulfilling orgasm possible, so some men look for a variety in pleasuring themselves.

Not sure how to change things up and add some variety? Here are five male masturbation ideas you can experiment with.

Idea #1: Turn Off The Porn

Viewing porn has never been easier than it is now. You used to have to sneak into your father’s bedroom side table to find a Playboy magazine and then flip to the most erotic picture you could find to get off. Now you have free access to an almost unlimited supply of porn, filmed in HD and every sexual genre you are interested in.

While this may seem great, other ways exist to “view” sexual encounters. Creating your sexual fantasies is the perfect way to enhance your masturbation sessions. You get to create the scene, and best of all, you can star in it too.

Get set up in bed and close your eyes as you stimulate yourself. Start building your fantasy or continue one from the last time you played with yourself and tailor it to your most erotic desires. This will produce a great buildup and release that you will love.

Idea #2: Use Sex Toys

Sex toys are not just for women; they can give you the added sexual pleasure and variety you seek. Male sex toys range from small devices to sex dolls, and they can either be used as a simple masturbating device or a full-blown sexual encounter to get you off.

You can find many fun devices at sex toy stores. Masturbating sex toys are devices that stroke you or allow for penetration, and they include:


These fit over your penis and can be generic, with an opening for your member, a mouth with lips, a vagina with inner and outer labia, or an anus.


You can get a rubber/synthetic torso to use for sexual pleasure, and they are oriented either from the front or the back with openings for the vagina and anus.

Porn Star Toys

If you know your porn stars, you can buy a realistic vulva designed after their body. You can get a stroker, torso or even a full sex doll that looks like your favourite porn star or celebrity.

Masturbating Egg

These are smaller, travel-sized toys that allow for quick insertion and climax.

Automated Toys

You can also get toys for masturbation that vibrate, suck and stroke.

Other toys can enhance the experience while you masturbate, like anal toys and cock rings.

Idea #3: Change Your Technique

If you always masturbate in the same way with the same hand, try switching things up for a different sensation. Here are a few ideas:

Use your other hand.

This will seem uncoordinated and strange, but that’s the point.

Change your body position.

If you always stand up to masturbate, try sitting or lying down.

Alter your grip and speed.

Sometimes it’s fun to have a looser or tighter grip, and you can decrease your stroke to have a slower sexual buildup.

Practice edging.

Edging is where you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm and then back off. This start-and-stop method produces much more intense orgasms and powerful ejaculations.

Idea #4: Explore Beyond Your Penis

It’s pretty easy to get an erection, and then with a few well-timed tugs, you can climax. This is fast and efficient, but you might miss out on more pleasure.

Instead of grabbing the gear shift right away, explore your body first. This builds tension and allows you to discover sensitive areas you didn’t even know you had. Nipples are sensitive when played with, as well as your testicles, perineum and anal area.

You can even engage your prostate with a squeezing technique or your finger. Take your time and enhance your sexual experience by giving sexual attention to your entire body.

Idea #5: Include Your Partner

Why masturbate alone when you can do it with a partner? Masturbating with your lover enhances the experience because you are being watched. They can also play with themselves, so you can get turned on watching them, and you can even help each other out.

This type of mutual masturbation is exciting and more intense, so plan an intimate evening with your partner where there is no penetration, only playing.

Masturbating should always give you pleasure, so indulge yourself whenever you want to. Use these male masturbation ideas to enhance your self-loving experiences and unlock the sexual potential of solo or mutual masturbation.