6 Classy Fine Dining Entrée Ideas For Any Special Occasion

When it comes to making an impression, you’ll find no test more critical than anything involving a meal. If you are the host of a highly anticipated fine dining event, this becomes even more paramount. You’ll have to know what you are doing, especially when it comes to the culinary choices.

To really give your guests that “wow!” factor, start off with some fancy entrées. Use some of these fine dining entrée ideas to give those in attendance a taste of what’s to come.

1. Veal Chops and Oysters

Don’t be alarmed; food items such as veal and oysters can work in tandem with one another if given in the right proportion. Combining them both with some complimentary items in an entrée is sure to deliver the right amount of flavour every time. Simmer the veal in a semisweet wine and pair it with your oysters that have been seared accordingly.

To kick the flavour up an extra notch, use a creamy garlic and parmesan sauce. You may also want to add in a sautéed vegetable of some kind too, as a supplement to the entrée or simply as a garnish. Try your hand at some tiny pieces of roasted aubergine if you really want to get fancy with it.

2. Rack of Lamb With Roasted Pumpkin

These are the standard entrée for nearly every restaurant and for good reason. The best part about using a rack of lamb as an entrée is that you can get creative with what you want to pair with it. For colder seasons, try roasting pumpkin and using it as a foundation for a unique salad.

Season the pumpkin with some cumin, masala and ground black pepper to give it a solid kick. You’ll also want to throw in some chickpeas and spinach to compliment this particular entrée. Finish with a quick drizzle of olive oil over both the rack of lamb and salad for an entrée that is evocative of a lovely starter prepared in Mykonos, Greece.

3. Peppercorn-Crusted Short Ribs

As is the case with a rack of lamb, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any dining establishment that does not offer short ribs. As an entrée, however, it gives you a lot of room to put your inner chef to work. Steam roast and then sear the short ribs to make the meat as succulent as possible. This will also give the added peppercorn a thick, piquant crust for a delectable aftertaste.

Once the short ribs have been cooked thoroughly, you may mix and match supplementary garnishes for a flavour of your direction. For an impressive, savoury taste, pair it with some green olives. Squeeze some lemon and lime juice over and your guests will definitely be coming around for seconds.

4. Sautéed Sea Scallops

Scallops on their own can leave a semisweet taste on your palate. To really take it to the next level, however, you’ll want to pair it with something that offers a rich flavour. A neat idea would be chicken liver and caramelized apples. All of these ingredients put together will deliver a savoury taste that will only spark your guest’s desire for more.

Season the chicken liver and scallops and sauté until each are a light brown color. Next, sauté about a teaspoon and a half of butter with the finely diced apples, and add sugar until the product is properly caramelized. Put it all together, and sprinkle a small garnish such as mint or chives for that final touch of flavour.

5. Duck Paired With Beets

Another dish that is most commonly found as an entrée in fine dining establishments, but with an added twist. Pairing grilled duck breast with a handful of beet wedges is a delicious combination that boasts incredible flavour. Preparation is fairly simple as well.

First, cook the duck breast meat until it is medium-rare. You’ll want to roast the beet wedges for about 40 minutes, and ensure it is roasted until tender. Serve both items in a small plate, and garnish with olive oil, salt, and pepper. To make the entrée aesthetically pleasing, toss some watercress on top and serve on top a small bed of rice.

6. Veal Sweetbreads And Onion Purée

Ending off the way this list of ideas began, there exists a plethora of ways to prepare veal. To take it to the next level of high-end dining, pair veal sweetbreads with a creamy onion purée. Preparation is as straightforward as it can get, saving you time and effort.

After peeling and mincing the onions, let it soak in some cold milk and add some salt and pepper for taste. Purée the product in a blender and then move onto the sweetbread portion of the entrée. After cleaning and mincing, sauté them until they have a crunchy exterior. Once both are finished cooking, serve them in a plate and add a bit of thyme and veal broth for the final, delectable touch.

When it comes to preparing fine dining entrée ideas, your main goal should be to prepare your guest’s palates for what’s to come. Thankfully, these ideas not only will do just that, but will be reminiscent of what you’d find in a high-end restaurant. Only this time, you’ve become the head chef instead of being served by one!