6 Most Effective Work Attendance Incentives

We all have them. There are days where you wake up, turn off your blaring alarm, and begrudgingly get up before laying back down and calling in sick. As an employer, this can sometimes come across as annoying at best, and detrimental to the company at worst. Absence management becomes a huge managerial responsibility if too many employees stopped showing up for work.

Everyone has to play their role in order to contribute to the overall vitality of the business. If you are in some form of a managerial role, it’s important to rally your workers so that the team works as cohesively as possible. If their attendance is in question, consider these incentives to reward coming in to work on a consistent basis.

1. Time Off Incentives

Believe it or not, offering time off is one of the best work attendance incentives. If an employee’s time away from the company is becoming detrimental to the business, maybe rewarding them with time off will pull them back in. To make the deal even better, allocate available funds to monetize the time off and reward it to the respective employee. Not only is this a fantastic idea to keep attendance consistent, it will boost trust amongst the team as well.

Ensuring that your team remains in an honest line of communication with you is tantamount to professional and personal advancement. So why not reward them with time off instead of having them fib about why they are not coming in for a specific day?

2. Plan A Dedicated Event

Another popular work attendance incentive is to put the spotlight on a particular employee or on a group of employees. By planning a special event for them, you’ll encourage your workers to start coming in on a more consistent basis. The options for these events can go as far as your imagination goes. For starters, you might want to take the employee with the best attendance out to a dinner on the house.

Alternatively, consider grabbing some tickets to the next game they love to discuss so much in the office. Once employees genuinely feel appreciated, their attendance will not be a cause for concern.

3. Promotion Incentives

Sometimes, your staffers may feel as if their current role isn’t purposeful. In addition, they may feel as if their current responsibilities to the company do not adhere to what they know they’re truly capable of doing. If you notice that their attendance becomes an issue as a result of this, then it may be time to use a promotion to reel them back in.

Not only will this help foster morale, but it will be a legitimate incentive to strengthen the bond between yourself and the employee. The promotion is just an appetizer; the real incentive might bring your professional relationship with them to the next level. This inevitably ends up benefitting the team and the company overall.

4. Publicize The Best Attendance Records

It’s important to not look at this incentive as a means for public shame or guilt tripping. You don’t want to further your employee’s reasonings from staying away from the office by reinforcing their less-than-stellar attendance. Instead, use this as a method for inviting a bit of competition into the team.

By announcing a cash or gift card prize being up for grabs for having great attendance, employees will have a reason to start coming in more. Competition is a natural, healthy way of counteracting the lethargic energy that may be a cause for poor attendance at work. It will inevitably end up benefitting team morale and company productivity in the long run as well.

5. Flexible Scheduling Incentives

Everyone has a life outside work. This means that we all have to coordinate our time accordingly and schedule things in a way that doesn’t interfere with work. However, sometimes things can become too much of a time crunch to the point where employees start missing work due to other priorities.

As an employer, it is critical that you first empathize with your workers regarding this issue. Afterwards, consider using flexible scheduling such as rotating shifts or four-day work weeks as an incentive for good attendance. This will enable employees to work more efficiently and give them the time they need to tend to other urgencies as well.

6. Personal Growth Incentives

All professionals eventually come across a mental block that prevents them from thinking productively and creatively. This can naturally extend to the energy output of your employees. If they are not given the space to grow personally within their role, then this will reflect on their attendance.

Instead, allocate some funds to give to your workers for better attendance. By giving them the freedom to engage in activities they are passionate and invested in, such as music or yoga services, they will have more of a reason to reinvest their energies into the company. This ultimately becomes a creative win-win for all involved.

In order to drive company productivity, and take it to the next level, you’ll need your employees at their best. Inspiring them with certain incentives can help reduce poor attendance and help realign their motivations for coming into work. Plus, it helps foster the professional bonds you all share as a team overall. Use your imagination as a leader and inspire away!