7 Common Side Effects of Stress and Anxiety

There are two major facets of our overall health, including physical health and mental health. Physical health relies on physical exercises and nutritious diets to sustain our bodies. When it comes to mental health, it’s a more complex process to maintain our well-being.

Stress and anxiety are normal feelings in everyone’s life. However, these emotions can sometimes get extremely out of hand. Stress or anxiety may lead to further debilitating issues, causing our mental health to deteriorate. It is important to recognize any emerging symptoms, as they can help you alleviate potential mental health burdens.

Watch out for these seven common side effects of stress and anxiety:

Side Effect #1: Mitigated Focus

One of the more minor symptoms of having amplified stress and anxiety comes via dwindling focus. Once stress, or your anxiety, gets out of control, you may find it difficult to concentrate on the things that matter. Even after trying to come back into the present moment, your ability to focus can falter.

Not only does this affect your ability to think properly, but it can lead to physical symptoms as well. Many individuals may suffer from migraine of some magnitude due to this inability to focus. Should this turn out to be the case, make sure you take some time to rest. It is vital for both your body and mind!

Side Effect #2: Feeling Overwhelmed

A common side effect of stress and anxiety is being overwhelmed. It might seem incredibly difficult to do even the most basic activities on some days. Getting out of bed becomes difficult, as your mind prevents the body from conducting the motion.

This can lead to other issues, such as not being in the right frame of mind in an emotional sense. If left unchecked, your anxiety could lead to bouts of depression, which can shut down your body. Take the time to invest in your mental health and well-being so that you can manage your mind accordingly. Consider seeking help at a residential mental health clinic if you feel extremely overwhelmed psychologically.

Side Effect #3: Tense Muscles

When it comes to the physical symptoms, your body becomes a target for stress. After you feel overburdened from life’s stressors, the muscles in the body will become tense. Over time, these tense muscles could translate to pain, putting further pressure on your body. The aches and pains you experience here could be the start of worse symptoms as well.

Side Effect #4: Disorientation

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand when it comes to ensuring you lose your bearings daily. If left unchecked, you could become completely disoriented, even when it comes to minor activities and habits. This can lead to other behavioural symptoms, such as not realizing where you are.

Another side effect of stress and anxiety is that you may forget things more than you normally would. It is an extension of the inability to concentrate effectively, and you should make an effort to put yourself at ease. It may seem doom and gloom in a perpetual state, but support is always available. Reach out for help from your loved ones if you can!

Side Effect #5: Increased Substance Use

Should stress and anxiety get out of control daily, you may find other coping methods. One of the worst symptoms is feeding an addiction to various substances, such as alcohol. Many individuals who suffer from mental health issues may turn to drinking to reduce the pain.

Sometimes, other drugs may ease while reducing the stress experienced. Not only is this a harrowing experience, but the abuse of these substances can take a hard toll on your health. If not taken care of when possible, individuals could put themselves on the brink of death.

Side Effect #6: Long-Term Symptoms

In some cases, the effects of anxiety may not be a one-off. Many folks tend to have long-term bouts of fighting off the debilitating effects of mental illnesses. These symptoms can come and go, but they are sure to be experienced in some form or another.

For instance, depression is a mental illness that can challenge the individual in various degrees of severity. If it is kept under control, the amount of stress in one’s life can be reduced to the point of not having a tangible effect.

Side Effect #7: Skin Problems

Those who have skin conditions have to try and navigate life, avoiding specific triggers. While food and environmental factors play a part, stress can also be a nagging trigger. If there seems to be a lot of stress in one’s life, your skin will reflect it. However, don’t forget to seek out help; there is always someone willing to assist you whenever you need it!