What is the Best Type of Massage for Lower Back Pain?

There are various highs and lows to experience in the human body. Getting in a modest amount of movement each day will ensure you stay in an optimized condition. However, not all good things are bound to last, as there could be multiple aches and pains to feel within your body.

This type of pain is quite common and can be felt across common areas throughout the human body. The lower back is one area where many individuals feel pain. While there could be many ways to rectify the issue, nothing beats a good massage at the onset. Massage therapy can be tremendously soothing for those suffering from back pain.

Let’s learn about the six best types of massages for lower back pain:

1. Sweeping Massages

One of the first massages to use daily is also one of the most effective. Applying some sweeping strokes to the lower back is a great technique to use when trying to alleviate pain. To conduct the massage, you will first have to lay on your stomach. The person conducting the massage will then apply the technique.

To get a bead on how to effectively do the massage, start from the top part of the lower back. Then, ensure you use your forearm to apply force from top to bottom. Ensuring that you use enough force in each stroke will allow the massage to be quite effective!

2. Kneading Massages

If you have ever made dough before in a kitchen, you will know how much pressure is used. It is a technique that can be quite efficient when applying it as a massage. Kneading and rolling the lower back muscles in a delicate but firm way can easily alleviate pain.

The trick here is to make sure that a client’s sensitivity is considered. Most individuals can experience the full brunt of this type of massage without worry. However, you will still want to ensure that you preferentially apply the massage. Going too hard on specific pain points can cause discomfort.

3. Drumming Massages

While kneading the lower back muscles can be an effective lower back massage, it can be vigorous. If this happens to be too much of an issue for a client, you will want to step back. Other massages can be just as effective without additional pressure.

For example, lightly tapping or drumming the lower back can relieve a client of the pain experienced. Of course, the applied pressure can range depending on what pain is felt throughout the massage. However, drumming remains a great massage to employ if the pain is not too extensive.

4. Deep Friction Massages

Sometimes, the pain in your lower back is not spread out as it once was. There could be particular areas that exude the pain you are feeling consistently. The massage employed will have to be done in that specific location to counter this. Applying some deep friction to this spot is, without question, the right solution.

Deep friction is a type of massage that targets a muscle in the lower back. Then, the right amount of force is applied deeply, without moving around the rest of the back. It can be a great way to forcefully release the pain you are experiencing without too much trouble.

5. Vibration Massages

On the other hand, you may be experiencing pain in the lower back resulting from other bodily areas. To counteract this type of pain, you will have to ensure that the massage is applied to multiple areas. Vibrating or shaking these areas, such as the arms or legs, can be a worthwhile endeavour.

Your massage therapist will have to start by moving a specific body part to loosen it effectively. It allows the body’s tight muscles to loosen up, like those in the lower back. By doing this, any other massage applied can be much more successful in its application.

6. Massage Appliances

If a massage therapist is not around, you could try using some intuitive devices. Shiatsu massage appliances, for instance, are a great investment to make. These devices can be used simply without the need to ask for assistance.

Place the device in a firm position, and allow the nodes to apply pressure properly to your lower back. It is also valuable to speak to your health care specialist about alternative forms of physiotherapy. Your lower back pain can be resolved with the simplest methods!