How to Be a Mascot: 8 Mascot Tips and Tricks

Commonly found at large-scale sporting events and festivals, mascots can be as entertaining as they can be friendly. They are a great means to rile up a crowd, and get everyone engaged with the ongoing occasion. What many may not realize is that being a mascot can also be a great gig, should you choose to pursue it.

Being a mascot requires more than just physical fortitude. You need to always be in-tune with the crowd, while also engaging with the guests who will surely be coming to you for pictures. If this sounds like it might be interesting to you, here are eight mascot tips and tricks to teach you how to be a mascot:

Tip #1: Change your mascot costume in private

In order to be a mascot, you have to keep an air of intrigue. That means when you first get your mascot costume, you should maintain your secrecy. This means that you should never get caught in the act of changing. Having your head exposed during a break only leaves you to being discovered by a nearby sports fan.

Suspension of disbelief is key to good theatre. As such, you’ll want to always change into and out of your mascot costume in private. Usually, depending on which venue you work for, you’ll be assigned a locker room to change. That way, your fans will always see you in your prime form!

Tip #2: Amp up the mascot exaggeration

You’ve probably seen mascots perform some truly whimsical movements during their routine. This is because it is pivotal to putting on a good show overall. If you want to learn how to be a mascot, make sure to exaggerate all of your physical movements. It demonstrates that you are a fun character to interact with, and preserves the idea of great theatre being employed at its maximum.

Tip #3: Show lots of emotion

It may initially be challenging, given that you are in an actual costume, but showing emotion is a critical part of how to be a mascot. The best mascots know how to effectively portray emotive actions through subtle movements. Depending on the situation, you’ll have to react accordingly.

This is where overexaggerating your bodily movements comes into play. Want to show that you are sad? Motion your hand near your eye to emote that you are crying. This is just one example, but embodying these emotions will only serve to improve your performance. Put your costume on, and try some movements out first in the mirror!

Tip #4: Stay in character

When you are performing as a mascot, it is important to remember this key point. Staying in character is crucial, as you are an embodying representative of the respective sports team or festival. Failure to do this will have you hilariously appearing like Left Shark from the infamous Katy Perry performance.

During the entirety of the performance, or while you are in costume, you must stay in character. Don’t let the length of the time at this event dissuade you, however. This is your chance to get creative. Always have fun while performing your routine!

Tip #5: Stay hydrated

Mascot costumes can get really hot, really quick. That is why it is equally pivotal to remain hydrated over the course of your routine. Whenever you get the chance, make sure to drink an appropriate amount of water. Staying dehydrated will only cause symptoms of dizziness to occur. You don’t want to be fainting during a big event, so keep that water bottle close by.

Tip #6: Eat smart

Prior to your performance, it is equally important to get a meal in. Carbohydrates are your friend in this respect; they will keep your body energized over the course of your routine. Executing multiple, overexaggerated body movements can work up an appetite and burn calories at a rapid pace. Eating the right meals beforehand will ensure you are fully energized!

Tip #7: Bring spare clothes

When performing as a mascot, you will soon realize that you are burning up. This can be attributed to the energy you are emanating as a mascot, but, more importantly, relates to your body’s temperature. Mascot costumes are usually very hot, so be sure to bring a couple spare shirts to change into. This will prevent excessive sweat from affecting you in a hampering way.

Tip #8: Be in decent shape

Being a mascot can be a physically-demanding exercise. Since you will most likely be moving your body at a rapid pace over an extended amount of time, you’ll want to be fit to do so. This doesn’t mean that you have to be in prime physical condition; just make sure you are able to handle the demands of mascot performance!

When you are engaged with your audience, the best thing to keep in mind is to always have fun. Although you are there to be a representative of your organization, being a mascot is a great chance to use your imagination as well. The more comical and whacky you are, the more memorable you will be as a mascot!