How to Create An App Without Coding Experience

Despite evidence to the contrary, coding can be an easy language to pick up on the more it is learned. Once basics are understood, it can be an immensely helpful tool used in different, digital respects. Creating an app is one such way the language can be tangibly used.

Building an app to boost your day-to-day activities can be an extremely viable tool. Many platforms and tools exist to make this easier on your end, allowing your app to launch without any setback. By combining a neat aesthetic, alongside a contemporary user experience, your can learn how to create an app without coding experience.

Although coding can be easy to get familiar with, using it to create an app can be rather time-consuming. If you have multiple app ideas that need to be expedited, and don’t have the time to learn coding, you are in luck. Here are six of the best tools and platforms to create an app without coding experience:

1. ProntoForms

Apps are continually evolving, in order to retain current users and attract new ones. One of the biggest elements for this attraction is through implementing striking visuals. ProntoForms is an intuitive low code platform that lets you create an app without coding.

This app builder allows users to create their own apps as they wish, all without the need for coding. It supports virtually any media type, and is user-friendly in interface and customization. ProntoForms also encourages users to integrate the use of push notifications, which can greatly increase engagement with the app when it eventually goes live.

2. Bubble

Drag-and-drop builders are extremely useful when trying to design intricate systems of digital content. When you are learning how to create an app without coding, allowing programming to take a backseat is crucial. This is where the platform known as Bubble comes in.

The program itself is customizable in almost every way you can think of. From implementing text and videos, to the interface of the app, Bubble allows you to make sure all required elements are tailored to your needs. The platform also hosts connectivity to other online services as well, allowing your app to be as fully fleshed out as it can be.

3. ShoutEm

If you ever needed create an app without coding, ShoutEm is one possible option. The platform is an app builder that has the engagement tools and publishing processes needed to make your app flourish. ShoutEm is particularly unique, as it comes with a simple, monetization process as well.

This allows your app to pick up revenue in a continuous manner, while also affording you the opportunity to update the app in real time. ShoutEm also comes with great connectivity services, with the ability to be integrated with ancillary platforms such as WordPress. It’s an intuitive mobile app building tool, and caters to every one of your digital needs.

4. Pixate

Sometimes, experimenting on a prototype provides the answers you need before publishing does. As such, Pixate is one possible way to create an app without coding. For your app-building needs, Pixate grants you the ability to experience your app before it goes live.

There is no prerequisite for coding, as the platform provides user interaction and animation all through multiple clicks. Pixate is amazing for its ability to simulate a live app, while granting you the ability to test out all of its mechanism beforehand.

5. Appy Pie

It may sound like a nod to a timeless dessert, but Appy Pie is more than just a fun spin on the savoury treat. The tool allows users to design an app in its entirety, without needing any previous knowledge on coding. What makes Appy Pie stand out is its ability to build an app in the cloud.

It has all the features that come with most app builders, such as viewing analytics in real-time, as well as advertising monetization. Along with linking the app to other services, Appy Pie is particularly popular amongst businesses for its simple interface. If you are an entrepreneur, you may want to give this platform a shot!

6. BiznessApps

Speaking of business-related matters, using the right app is crucial to overall company management. BiznessApps is an intuitive platform that allows a user to create an app without coding through a streamlined process. The content management system is relatively easy to understand, providing a user with real-time progress updates before publishing.

Similar to platforms such as LinkedIn, BiznessApps also provides links to weekly webinars. These webinars provide users with countless amounts of information, in the form of tutorials or articles. This can come in particularly useful when trying to use the app as a means of launching promotional materials for your business. Finally, you don’t have to know any coding at all!