6 Stylish Apartment Renovation Ideas with Furniture

Are you looking to upgrade your living space? People love renovating because you can turn your old, boring place into your dream home. You can do many things in your apartment without breaking the bank.

You have bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Where do you start? Even though you are renting, you can still make some dramatic changes, and with your landlord’s permission, the sky is almost the limit. Here are some great apartment renovation ideas you can get started on.

Idea #1: Add Colour and Texture

The easiest way to give your apartment a new look is with the furniture. You have a huge canvas to make changes, and you are only limited by desire. Look for colours that speak to you. You don’t have to follow the pack with pastels and warm tones. Pick a colour that suits you and go for it.

In addition, you can add colours and textures by painting the walls. Start on a side wall to ensure it is as great as the paint chip, and then keep going around the room.

Textures are also a nice contrast. Pick wallpaper with fancy patterns for different rooms. Consider adding wood-like shiplap or used pallets. They make a statement and give depth. Once you dress up the walls, you can move on to other elements in your renovation.

Idea #2: Redo the Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone loves the kitchen, and if yours is tired-looking, you can make dramatic changes fast. You don’t have to rip out all the cabinetry because all you need is a facelift.

Consider swapping out the doors and mixing in new ones with open cabinets. Add shelving wherever it will fit and fill it up with your best flatware. You can make a huge transformation by just changing the hardware on the cabarets and drawers. This is fast and easy, so find the look you want and make it happen.

Idea #3: Change Out Light Fixtures

Lighting makes the room come alive and if your standard fixtures are boring, change them. Go to your local home improvement store and browse for the lighting you love. You can install a chandelier and add some track lighting in the kitchen.

A new light panel in the bathroom can make a drastic difference too. Try to work with existing electrical boxes, so you don’t have to make are mess moving them around.

Idea #4: Upgrade Your Plumbing

We all use the throne, and it is a device you may want to switch out. There are many modern options for toilets, and it is truly worth the hassle. Sinks and faucets also are great renovation jobs that change the look and feel of your place.

If you are handy, you can tackle these jobs yourself, otherwise hire a qualified plumber to do it for you. There will be water lines and pipes to change, and you may not have all the tools necessary. Usually, the plumbing doesn’t have to be dramatically changed, but it will take some new connections and the right know-how to complete the task.

Idea #5: New Flooring

Do you have worn carpet running through your apartment? Why not give it a lift and replace it with wood? There are many options for flooring, so you can install various mediums in different rooms. Engineered wood flooring goes in fast and will transform your space in a day. Adding some new tiles in the bathroom will look amazing. You can put area rugs to enhance your new floor and give it warmth. On the patio, why not get some wood flooring too?

You will love the look and feel of a new floor so add this to your renovation list.

Idea #6: Closet Design

Most closets in an apartment consisting of a hanging rod and not much else. It can be a drab place until you re-invent it. There are so many options that you can install, from drawers to shoe racks and everything in between.

Look for closet organizers that fit the type of clothing you want to put in. Have lots of shoes? Add a few shoe racks on the bottom. Put in different-sized drawers and open baskets for your small stuff. Then include a few racks for hanging everything else. You will love your new closet and want to go shopping to fill it.

These are just a few ideas to get your renovation juices flowing. Take on projects that fit your budget and comply with your rental agreement. Talk to your landlord or rental company if you want to change something big. They may allow you to take on a larger project and even help pay for it.

Renovations are fun, so make a wish list and start crossing it off as you transform your apartment. It will be a rewarding process that will make you happy to spend time at home with family and friends.