7 Best Items to Put In a Guy’s Gift Basket

When it comes to presents, everyone loves a gift basket. Why? Because it has a variety of stuff, it’s like getting multiple gifts all at once. You can buy grocery store baskets for different occasions, but ultimately, the best basket is tailor-made for a person.

What about that special guy in your life? Men can be hard to shop for, but really, they are simple creatures and ones that appreciate several small items that are useful to them. If you want to create the best present for a guy, there are plenty of things to include his gift basket.

Here are the seven best items to put in a guy’s gift basket:

1. Themed items

Themed items a good place to start, especially if you can’t think of things to include. If he is a sports fan, then theme the gift baskets towards football or hockey. For a foodie, choose a collection of sweet and savoury items that taste amazing.

A personal hygiene basket is also great because every man wants to keep clean, and you can include stuff he wouldn’t ordinarily buy to enhance his cleanup game. A theme is a fun way to focus your gift baskets and let him know that you pay attention to his interests.

2. Snack items

Do you know what most men want in a gift? The range is wide, but there are things all men love. Small snacks are a must, including:

  • Cookies
  • Beef jerky
  • Sports drink
  • Mixed nuts
  • Gum
  • Chocolate

There is always room for these little snacks, and it’s something they can enjoy right away. Socks are always a good idea, too, and he may need different kinds for work and play. Gadgets are always a win, so shop around and include a tech gadget that could make his life easier or more fun.

3. Food items

We’ve all seen baskets with various edibles, but you can tailor it to a guy pretty easily. Besides the small snacks above, you can include crackers with a strong cheese and a bag of specialty chips and dip. Pepperoni will never disappoint a guy and put in a few singles cans of exotic beer he’s never tried.

Guys love to eat and will love a basket full of food, especially stuff that he wouldn’t buy himself. Add a bottle of wine too if he likes that, and maybe he will share it with you!

4. Outdoor items

Here is a chance to move away from the standard fare and build an adventure gift basket for the outdoorsman. Think about things he would need, like a tactical flashlight or a new pocketknife. Include a camo baseball cap or, even better, a Dakota hat.

Some more great outdoor items to include are a compass, multi-tool, essentials first aid kit, rugged water bottle, sunglasses and leather gloves. There are lots more items you can put in there to fill it up, so think about what is useful when out in the bush.

5. Sport items

Here is a good one for that male sports fan friend of yours. If he is a big fan of a certain team, tailor it to him or make it more general for all his sports interests.

Great sports items to include are:

  • Team jersey
  • Golf balls and tees
  • Tennis balls
  • Regulation of football or basketball
  • New baseball glove
  • Batting gloves
  • Cap with team logo
  • Tickets to a home game
  • Coaches whistle
  • Team water bottle

This is the gift that keeps giving because these sports items will get used repeatedly.

6. Hobby items


Does your guy collect things? Maybe he like baseball cards, rare coins or even stamps. Putting together a hobby basket is something he will love because it enhances his interests and builds his collection.

You can get information books on what he collects or a special display case for his most prized possession. There are usually lots of merchandise that go with a collector’s niche, so look for coffee mugs, magazines and t-shirts to fit the hobby.

7. Romantic items


If this guy in your life is more than a friend, why not give him a spicy basket for some together time. It can also be used for him and his significant other if that’s not you. This is your chance to be playful and fun, but that doesn’t mean cheesy. Think about satin sheets, good wine and scented candles, and a romantic playlist to set the mood. How about a colourful banana hammock and a naughty board game? This gift will get some laughs and maybe a wink or two, so fill it with things at his sexual comfort level and take him on an intimate adventure.

Putting together a guy’s gift basket doesn’t have to be challenging. Use this as a guide and starting point but put your spin on it so he knows you care. He will love the extra effort, and it may spur him to return the favour with his customized gift basket for you.