Four Ways DNA Testing Can Provide Useful Information

Almost everyone is familiar with the recent advancements in DNA technology, which have been featured in news coverage, movies, and school classrooms around the world for many years. The technology used to identify and test this genetic material has become much more sensitive and accurate recently, though, leading to the development of a home DNA test kit and a wider array of uses for the information. While some applications for DNA results might seem obvious, there are several ways that experts are currently using them that might come as a bit of a surprise. Here are the four most common benefits of DNA testing.

1. Confirming Ancestral Heritages

Many companies can use genetic information from blood, hair, and other sources to create a comprehensive family tree. The prevalence of these services has grown in recent years, and each business can provide a wealth of information about clients based on their extensive data banks. It is much easier for anyone to send in the samples because of accurate and easy-to-use home DNA test kits and a full report about an individual’s ancestry that can be completed and delivered in a shorter time frame than ever before.

2. Medical Genetic Testing

Since many diseases can be passed down from one generation to the next, it is helpful for people of all types to obtain a report that shows whether they have markers or evidence of genes that could make them more susceptible to specific ailments. In addition to using DNA to test individuals for such issues, it can also be used during pregnancy to assess the health and possible problems that could impact a fetus. This insight into the likelihood of potential medical issues can help people make more informed decisions at all stages of life.

3. Determining Paternity

There can be many different reasons that individuals might need to confirm the paternity of a child or themselves. Whether for a court case or simply just for personal knowledge, the use of genetic information can create a clear lineage with almost 100 percent certainty. This is another area in which a home DNA test kit from a provider like CRI Genetics can be a big help, although some courts might prefer a specific laboratory to conduct the examination and provide an official report of its findings.

4. Identifying Criminal Suspects

This might be the most ubiquitous use of DNA in film and television because DNA testing has completely revolutionized the concept of police detective work over the past few decades. From just a fragment of a hair or a drop of blood left at a crime scene, law enforcement officers are now able to test the genetic makeup and often identify a suspect. This information is admissible in court, which means that many cases are proven beyond a reasonable doubt based on the strength of evidence obtained through DNA analysis. By the same token, police often use such tests to identify victims or other deceased individuals who might be found without any context regarding who they are. This can help solve cold cases and provide loved ones with some closure.