How to Prevent Casino Crimes: 7 Best Security Measures

The life of a gambler can be incredibly fun yet extraordinarily risky. It’s a double-edged sword, where one may want to test their luck at a nearby casino. Whatever your game preference, from blackjack to poker, you will surely have the experience. What you don’t want to have if you are working in the casino is a ton of risky situations.

Despite having some of the best in-house security, casinos can still fall prey to crimes. These types of crimes can be as basic as a robbery to a more sophisticated digital theft. In this regard, management must take the appropriate steps to mitigate a criminal’s success. They should install appropriate casino security technology systems to maximize safety.

Use the following ideas to ensure that your casino crime prevention is foolproof.

1. Hiring Security Guards

Of course, you almost always want to ensure that you start with establishing the basics. Security guards are integral to your casino’s safety. They provide physical security so that patrons on the floor do not commit sneaky crimes. Moreover, they will be able to handle customer complaints that are getting out of hand.

The right amount of security guards should always be hired as well. Ensure that everyone is screened as well before directing them to their positions. They will be your first line of defence if anything goes awry in the casino. Plus, many security guards are also customer service-trained, so any interaction will have a resolution!

2. Camera Systems

Since a casino is a venue that primarily deals in money, theft will surely be considered at some point. One of the downsides of having a security guard in their given position is that their eyes are fixed. They may be unable to look at every vantage point, making certain areas quite vulnerable.

In this regard, you want to ensure that some form of a CCTV system is installed. While you could place a camera in a great vantage point, installing them in a vulnerable area is key. Many thieves may try to exploit these areas, especially if security is lacking. Installing them in the correct areas will always have your bases covered.

3. AI Security

The rise of artificial intelligence has taken our world by storm in just a matter of months. Despite its presence established in prior years, AI has made various leaps in its practicality lately. One of the best use cases of AI has to do with security, especially where it concerns vulnerable systems.

For those running digital systems in the casino, an AI can help with threat detection. Should any suspicious activity be directed your way, the software will assess and handle it immediately. You will then be prompted to take action, but only if the threat is malicious enough. It can be a huge assistance for your casino operations overall!

4. Constant Patrolling

Security guards should not always stay in one fixed position their entire shift. Rather, they should conduct patrols in and around the casino grounds when possible. However, the patrols themselves should not be done systematically. Sophisticated thieves may try to consider this if they plan to rob the casino.

Instead, educate your security guards to conduct patrols arbitrarily yet detailedly. This will allow them to gain insight into multiple areas without looking too conspicuous. The last thing any management team needs in their casino is to have their first line of defence exploited. Keep things basic but randomized, and you will be good to go.

5. Communication

Extending the previous point concerns how well your security personnel can communicate. Before each game night begins, management should meet with each guard to provide instructions. Every security guard should have communication systems to swiftly handle any potential threat.

6. Outside Resources

Not all casinos are equipped with the same amount of resources. Outsourcing your security is key if you feel unsuitable for a game night. There are several private security companies you can hire if you want to protect your casino’s assets. When in doubt, it is best to invest in these resources to protect every customer on the floor.

7. Continuous Education

You may think that educating your security personnel on best practices is a long-term solution just for them. On the other hand, you may also want to keep yourself up-to-date on security resources. With the rise in crime in public venues, ensuring you know how to handle every threat will ensure everything is protected!